Information for Prospective Students
Each year, SAND lab has roughly 1-2 openings for PhD students. If you're interested in joining us, please send email to us (Ben and Heather) at (ravenben at cs dot uchicago dot edu and htzheng at cs dot uchicago dot edu). We are looking for students with creativity, deep thinking skills, and a strong competitive drive. Generally we'll do a trial quarter project to see if interests and work styles mesh. Be aware, however, that while we work very hard to lead our students, we also demand a lot from our students in energy, hard work and commitment.

We are also interested in good MS students and undergraduate researchers. We have been fortunate to work with some excellent MS and undergraduate students in the past. Again, please email at the above address for details. Note that since arriving at UChicago, we have been flooded by interested undergrads, and we now have to be super selective about which undergrads can work with us in the lab.

For students not currently enrolled at University of Chicago, please understand we may not be able to respond to your emails, given the number of emails we get around application time in the fall. For undergraduate students from IIT who are interested in summer internships, please know that we are not currently taking applications for summer internships.

Directions for SAND Lab Visitors
As of August 24, 2018, we are moving our lab into the brand new CS building that is John Crerar Library. It is a massive space, the length of a football field from end to end. The new SAND Lab will be on the third floor, in 377 Crerar. Ben and Heather will finally have offices next to the lab (in 369 and 371 respectively). Chances are we'll split our time between sitting next to our students in the lab and sitting in our office.

If you're coming to visit the lab, the address is:

377 John Crerar Library
5730 S. Ellis Ave, University of Chicago
Chicago, IL 60637